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ESPNOM continues its journey in 7 Continents of The World for producing values from 2000. With our commitment and loyalty to our values and aims and strong connection with our team, we keep going.


We have full belief that ESPNOM professional corporate infrastructure will increase its developing business and services exponentially with each step.

After the decision of increasing the export activities in 2010, ESPNOM upgraded itself into professional corporate infrastructure. We are very proud of our ESPNOM family which serves to Turkey and foreign countries providing  5 main product categories. In addition to our 5 main product categories which are servo feeders, pneumatic feeders, decoilers, pneumatic stock cutters, lubricators we are aiming to develop our portfolio and vision regarding new demands of market.

ESPNOM continues to become stronger in Turkey and neighbouring countries and Europe under the strategy Turkey 2023. We aim to increase export by 50%. We also continue working with TUBITAK for R&D. ESPNOM aims to increase manufacturing by 50% in the next 3 years.  After achieving goals in Turkey we will investment in Europe without any pausing, we will share our knowledge that we gained our country with European countries. We are looking for conducive places where we can invest. On the other hand, we will set partnership with vendors, co-operate and share all knowledge with each other.

“Common Sense, Proactive, Active and Patient”

When we look at milestones of ESPNOM, we can proudly say that, we act fast and efficiently in the market we are already in. Our most important achievement is our partnership with vendors in the market. Thanks to this position, the projects prepared by ESPNOM have extra quality with the high knowledge of our solution partners and vendors that we are working with, become a success story.

Being in common sense, proactive, active and patient are the keys of success of ESPNOM. We build our structure with the belief of sharing is a success. Partnership has improved our co-operations skills in one common mind. That means, we have funded our future by making research, examining the market correctly, and holding our ambition on the positive level. We can proudly say that we did it right.  “Big discoveries get strength with the experience and knowledge” With this dream, we continue our journey with our values, common mind and patient structure of ESPNOM, in the 7 Continent of the World with the vision of 2023.

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Chairman of the Board

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